Blocklayer / Bricklayer


Playing with building blocks as a kid may be the best preparation for a career as a Bricklayer. Using good, old-fashioned brick and mortar, Bricklayers build walls, chimneys, and fireplaces in construction environments, or make repairs to existing structures.

Keep the level handy as everything you build is expected to be straight. Following blueprints and specifications provided by Architects or Designers, you erect structures. Tools such as trowels, chisels, and (you guessed it) rulers are used to tailor bricks to specific sizes or shapes. The exception to the “everything must be straight” rule is the creation of artistic touches such as an archway leading into a garden or building.

Working alongside you is your trusty assistant who’s called a “ Hod Carrier ,” though they really should be called your “right-hand man.” The assistant is responsible for mixing mortar, retrieving and carrying tools, and anything else you need done. This allows you to focus on creating straight brick walls.

Invest in commercial-grade kneepads to protect yourself as you kneel to complete your Bricklayer duties. Kneeling, bending, standing, and lifting are simply routine actions in this position. So, if you have trouble doing those things, maybe being a Bricklayer is not in your future. You can always continue playing with building blocks on the dining room table until dinnertime of course.